It all begins with your data…

Provide us with your data (and we can assist with this too) and we’ll begin a review and undertake transactional analysis. We’ll build a model and segment the data – whether it’s a standard build or a customized requirement, we have the tools. If there is something in particular you would like to know about your donors, we’ll work the data to deliver the answers you need.

Segmentation Analysis

Using clever segmentation techniques, we model and analyse your data to deliver clearly segmented donor groups. We then provide you with a complete segmentation report, updated as often as you require. The segmentation report forms the basis for further analysis and the development of targeted direct marketing campaigns.

Marketing Campaign Support & Delivery

We develop strategic marketing campaigns that target and engage the right donor groups according to your objectives.  We then create highly personalised data files for your donor campaigns and we  tailor your communication to the specific circumstances of your donor through the use of variable text and ask strategies.   Your files will be provided in the format appropriate to your requirements, making the campaign data delivery as seamless and effortless as possible.

Campaign Analysis & Reporting

Did your donors behave the way you expected during your last campaign? If not, do you understand why? What was different? Campaign reporting is the final step in measuring the success of your campaign and you’ll be provided with a comprehensive post-campaign analysis report.

On Demand Analysis & Reporting

We also provide bespoke analytical services, enabling you to answer questions about your donors that standard modeling processes have not previously produced. Through this process we typically generate further insights that may not have been apparent beforehand. Consider a regular “HealthCheck” report and understand your fundraising status at any point in time.

…and ends with donor knowledge

The more you know and understand your donors, the greater your ability to personalise and engage with them. Let us drive your data and put the knowledge in your hands.